In-Country Coordination
Kindernothilfe. Working together.

Our in-country coordination

For us, 'in-country coordination' is more than just a concrete person or office. Indeed, it is a support function for our head office in various areas that - depending on the context of a particular country - is fulfilled by one or more individuals and service providers.

Our in-country coordinators act in accordance with a job description and annual work plans, which are approved in conjunction with our head office. They inform partners of the concerns of the head office and deal with administrative and other problems, explain our structure and operations, monitor projects and assess partner capacities and the progress made by projects, convey our standards and policies, and, whenever necessary, foster the partners' capacities with consulting and training.

Our in-country coordinators support our head office by informing us about developments in their countries and providing their observations of partners and projects. They advise us on strategic and other issues, comment on documents and products by partners and the head office (e.g. reports and country strategy papers), offer their own assessments to our staff and help to ensure that the right decisions are made. They comply with our performance agreements in a professional and transparent manner.

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