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Cooperations with Foundations


Foundations are very important partners to Kindernothilfe, particularly when it comes to aiming at the realisation of innovative pilot and flagship projects. Kindernothilfe is an ideal strategic partner in this area with over 50 years of experience in successfully implementing development projects along with humanitarian assistance and disaster risk reduction projects in 31 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. We closely supervise projects and consult with our partners in the field while maintaining a transparent use of funding and designing project communication policies tailored specifically to the needs of foundations. Whether you would like to make a one-time donation or support our work over the medium or long term, with Kindernothilfe you can rest assured that you have a reliable and professional partner at your side who safeguards that your contribution has the greatest possible impact where it is most sorely needed.

By supporting a project, foundations can continuously help children in need. Your foundation could concretely support a specific Kindernothilfe project and thus help a larger group of girls and boys.

In addition to partial financing, it is possible to support a project exclusively, or according to an individual agreement, depending on the objective and volume of the funding concerned. The programme work of Kindernothilfe is guided by the realisation that the developmental chances of children and young people are determined by their concrete living circumstances. Aside from providing direct support, in the spirit of helping people to help themselves, Kindernothilfe also endeavours to put local stakeholders in a position in which they can meet the needs of children and young people from a certain point in time onwards. However, these processes take time and this is the reason why we highly value long-term project cooperations.

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A wide range of focus areas and support issues

Working hand-in-hand with local partner organisations, Kindernothilfe is currently implementing 799 projects in 31 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. We would be delighted to provide you with an overview of various ongoing projects. You are free to decide on the issue and/or geographical area of what can potentially become the focus of your involvement. The following areas of focus are particularly relevant in our programme work:

  • Activities to promote education (for example, pre-school education, basic education, vocational education)

  • Humanitarian assistance consisting of emergency aid, reconstruction and disaster risk reduction

  • Protection, support and reintegration of children who are particularly at risk: victims of abuse and violence, street children, child labourers, child soldiers, refugee children and AIDS orphans

  • Inclusive projects along with programmes that are specifically tailored to the needs of children with disabilities

  • Championing the rights of girls and women, for example, projects against genital mutilation

  • Health and medical assistance, including HIV/AIDS prevention

  • Drinking water supply and sanitary installations

  • Community development and securing incomes, primarily through self-help groups

  • Environmental and agricultural development

  • Developmental policy lobbying and advocacy work in Germany

With all project work, Kindernothilfe and its partner organisations in developing countries place special value on an effective and efficient use of funding based on a structured annual project cycle with a high degree of monitoring, controlling and evaluation standards. Impact-oriented reporting is a key project management tool during this process.


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