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Focus funds: Making endowment contributions for issues that are particularly important to you

With an endowment contribution to a focus fund, you support highly specific objectives like education, an intact environment or greater rights for girls and women.

Many people have a special place in their hearts for specific issues, such as empowering girls, creating educational opportunities, protecting the environment or safeguarding livelihoods. The Kindernothilfe Foundation has created special focus funds that allow you to champion issues that are important to you by making an endowment contribution to the organisation.

Anyone who makes an endowment contribution to a focus fund can rest assured that the revenues from their donation will only be used for this specific purpose.

The focus funds of the Kindernothilfe Foundation:

  • Focus fund for the advancement of girls and women
  • Focus fund for education
  • Focus fund for children living in particularly dire circumstances
  • Focus fund for environmental protection as a child's right
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