Kindernothilfe. Working together.

Private donors support the work of Kindernothilfe 

Many people who are doing well in life feel the need to give something back to society. With Kindernothilfe you can help make the world a better place and shape our programmes. You can create new opportunities for disadvantaged children and youth in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Would you like to support the work of Kindernothilfe with a major donation?

For donations of € 2,500 and more, I am the right contact person for your support:

  • As your contact person, I always personally handle all aspects of your support of Kindernothilfe.
  • Together we will find a project that you can identify with. There are many aspects to poverty – and to combating poverty. Your donation can protect AIDS orphans in Africa, give street children in Asia a new home or help working children in Latin America to acquire an education – and with us your donation always has a long-lasting impact.
  • Whether you make a one-time donation or assume responsibility for a project over a number of years, you will be kept up-to-date on all developments at intervals that we agree upon. You can read about and see the good that you have done. You are also welcome to gain a first-hand impression of the situation on location.
  • With over 50 years of experience in development cooperation, we are one of the largest Christian children's relief organisations in Europe and can advise you on how your donation can most effectively help children in need.

You want your donation to help children and young people? We want your support of Kindernothilfe to give you long-term satisfaction.

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