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Helping people help themselves:                    a solution to many problems

For over 10 years, we have consistently operated according to the principle of helping people help themselves. We are convinced that even the supposed weakest members of society have the potential to pull themselves up and make a decent life for themselves and their children – and that this is the key to sustainable development. In Ethiopia, Rwanda and Sri Lanka we started out with just a handful of self-help groups. Now, there are over 33,320 such groups in 24 countries, and they even empower entire civil societies.

Our self-help group work has grown to become a full-fledged movement, and you can be part of this by making a donation.

Behind this success stands an entirely unique concept. Via our partners, we provide the groups with comprehensive training that deals with economic, social and political issues. The groups work independently to create micro-credits that are used to establish businesses, and to find solutions to their problems. Here is an overview of how Kindernothilfe self-help groups work:

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Step 1: Establishing groups

Step 2: Creating a sense of community

Step 3: Saving money together and launching small businesses

Step 4: Resolving economic and social problems

Step 5: Becoming politically active to solve greater problems